Earthquake (7.4) off the Coast of Sendai Japan, more Nikon shortages?

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My first thought's were for those whose lives are affected by the earthquake. Then later I got to thinking, I know Nikon has moved most production out of Japan now, but I wonder if this morning earthquake near Sendai means more problems for Nikon's higher end gear availability. I think they mostly make glass in Japan (Sendai factory) now, no more camera bodies (all in Thailand).
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    If anything this would probably accelerate the retirement of whatever F mount lenses were left in production. I feel bad for the old Nikon staff that were laid off because of the product cuts, especially from the retirement of the F6 and all the older glass that won’t be produced anymore. Japan is different from many countries and their government will often subsidize products that the deem worthy of cultural importance like kimono and sword manufacturing. While camera and lenses are definitely not as important, I was hoping the government would step in. I guess not at this point.
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    No reason not to cut F-mount, I’m sure sales have dropped off the charts, and there is likely supply of lower demand stuff sitting in warehouses. I don’t think any of the recent E stuff has been chopped, and some of it is still made in Japan. I think it just gave them an excuse to finally kill off the last of the D and many G lenses that were being dragged along for price point reasons. I think the 60mm F2.8D was still being made until last year, kind of crazy to think about.
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