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So after shooting a a while with a D7500 I do prefer the images and colours on my D7200. The FPS and Group Auto-focus on the D7500 is nice but overall I would say the D7200 would be my preferred body. I have always used the Vivid colour setting under Picture Controls in the D7200 but find this setting in the D7500 a bit too colourful so I will try shooting in Standard next time out and see how they look. Tried photographing a swan using Highlight Metering, and then shot without and their is no visible difference in the photo. My lesson learned is something newer is not necessarily better but for my long travels having a 2nd body was a good idea.

* Normally shoot JPEG but I will shoot in Raw next outing and see how we make out in post editing. I tried this years ago but never saw any visible difference between the files but from what I have been told by many photographers is the difference and flexibility you have in editing, so I'll give it a try.
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    I own about every Nikon since D100. I still own my F5 Nikon and PRO glass 20-35mm lens and power grip, it still has working Fuji 64 ISO film in it. I have a D7200 of course and feel it was better than the previous models.

    My D7500s both purchased with the 16-80 lens though I rate as FAR easier to use than the D7200. Images from the two are the same. Just the D7500 is set up for faster use. I use the D7500 now only with the Nikon 200-500 f 5.6. The 16-80 I use on the D7200.

    I have tested RAW a lot and as I contributed with Shutterbug Magazine for years, and Bob who ran the magazine out of Titusville, Florida thought JPEG was by far the best, I ONLY shoot in JPEG. My son and grandson shoot in RAW.

    Thom Hogan, the most advanced person I know in photography rates the D7500 as one of the best DSLRs and vastly underrated ever made and certainly as good as the D7200. Resolution is pretty much the same. I shoot in standard and use Apple photo to adjust to the color that is most accurate, etc.. And final adjustment..... sharpening.
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    I shoot only a 7200 but I'd bet the settings menus are the same, That said, remember you can pull up "Set Picture Control" in the "Shooting" menu and edit the setting for each mode. You can reduce the saturation on "Vivid" until it suits you.
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    Just the top ISO button on the D7500 makes the camera faster than the D7200.
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    I moved from the D7200 to the Z6 when it first came out as I felt it was time to start shooting full frame mirrorless. But the D7200 is still my back up and it's just an amazing body. It seemed like a trade down to move from the D7200 to the D7500 in functionality.
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    Don’t see any intensive for a D7500 for a D7200 user, other than focus system improvements. My Dad has a D7200, great all around camera. Nikon just moved down the MP so the mid-range camera didn’t look better than the D500.
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    Straight forward decision - D7500 for anything moving quick-ish, D7200 for anything needing resolution like landscapes etc. Keep both bodies. YMMV.
    Always learning.
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    They’re both real solid cameras. Heck, I’m still shooting with a D7000.
    Nikon D7000/ Nikon D40/ Nikon FM2/ 18-135 AF-S/ 35mm 1.8 AF-S/ 105mm Macro AF-S/ 50mm 1.2 AI-S
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    NSXTypeR said:

    They’re both real solid cameras. Heck, I’m still shooting with a D7000.

    Me too. I use my D7000 primarily as a 2nd body with the telephoto, then in the basement as a copy and macro camera. Reminds me, I need to retrieve my macro from my son so I can shoot pictures of the itty-bitty pieces I'm printing with this new 3d printer...
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    My son and I both photographed the Pascal Moon (the full moon before Easter Sunday, His with the Sony A 1 with the 200-600 lens and the Atmos Ninja 5 and I with the Nikon D7500 and the 200-500 F 5.6 Nikon lens. I was done in seconds. He took about 50 shots and my looked AT least as detailed as his. That was in Key West. In the Adirondack Mountains clearer air the moon would have looked brighter but with far more detail. Mine was at 500 mm @200 ISO and f8 at about 1/500 sec??
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    NSXTypeR said:

    They’re both real solid cameras. Heck, I’m still shooting with a D7000.

    Definitely solid cameras. I traded in the 7200 years ago, it's the one piece of gear I regret getting rid of. Wife traded in her 7500 recently to knock some $$$$ off her Z9, but she really loved her 7500. I always felt the 7200 rendered colors a bit better, but they are both very good cameras.
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