Will Nikon make a rangefinder-like Zs body, and who might be interested in one?

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I just tried an A7C at a Sony store, coupled with their 35/1.8. I was impressed with how compact it is, and I love the rangefinder-like EVF position: it allows for a shallow eye rest that helps to keep the camera's dimensions compact, as a right-eyed shooter's nose won't be touching any part of the camera when looking through its EVF. The A7C does have a boring design, just like every other Sony camera, and worse it lacks a front command wheel. Nikon engineers could come up with a much better-looking, and way more functional body than the Sony A7C just by taking some inspiration from the old S rangefinder line (they all had a front "command wheel" even back then!). Actually, I am sure they already have something akin on their drawing boards, if not in prototype form already. I would buy one if they make it as handsome as the Zfc.


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    I was kind of hoping the Zfc would be a rangefinder form factor. But it seems like they are committed to having the EVF centered.
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    What determines everything these days is the escalating price ..You cannot get a decent Z under about £2500 and the Z9 is the only 97% competent one. As a result I have sold all my d850s ( retired) and just have a couple of D7200 and D810 which I might dump in August after my daughter's wedding... Its cost V amount of use. If you have limited use for it why spend the high $$$$$$$ ?
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    @mhedges the Zfc is a lovely little camera as is. I am not sure I would enjoy it as much in a rangefinder form. With the 28mm SE it has become my go to point and shoot camera when the Z9 is too much camera for going to the shops or park.

    As to the OP, I don’t really want anything more compact than the fc. If i am going more compact then I’ll use my phone which competes with the fc and 28mm for IQ. I would however love a apsc stacked sensor body that I can put my 100-400 on, with my Z9 taking the 800mm.
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