Z9 Focus Tracking - the bad and the good

DinusaurDinusaur Posts: 6Member
Ok, this is interesting. I recently got my Z9 and going through capturing fishing sequence of Caspian Terns and Ospreys. Here's a video created with a set of Tern photos (screen grab actually so that the focus point is visible in the image) stitched together with some delay built in for ease of viewing. The camera was set to identical settings. In the first set the tern was close enough and the camera was tracking the bird well until up to frame 10 (in this video) when it decided to track the object behind it even though the focus point was on the bird. AF area mode was set to Wide-area (L), it is supposed to track object in the front, yet it grabbed the cattails and didn't let go. This is bad. Interestingly the bird was sharp in the view finder, clearly the sensor saw it differently.

Then take a look at the second set, the tern was diving close to cattails and further away than the bird in the first set, yet the camera tracked it down all the way to water level. Identical AF area mode setting – Wide-area (L). This is where it shines. This is good. So, what went wrong in the first set? Any idea?



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