NX Studio on Mac - not displaying photos

trolleytrolley Posts: 200Member
So, I've generally used NX to check where the focus point is & look at 100-200% to look at sharpness (it's the way I've always worked. And I find zooming in in LR is blurry, even when the image isn't).
I got a MacBook Pro last year to process my photos (Windows pc was too old & slooooow).
All was fine at first, but after the last probably 3 updates, when I open a photo I have a white frame & no picture. The thumbnails are all there. It doesn't matter whether the photo is on the MacBook, on a card in a reader or a portable drive - none work.
I'm assuming it's the software not coping with the later versions of Mac OS. Anyone else seen this?
Or am I missing something?
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