DxO Pure RAW new update available.

Ton14Ton14 Posts: 683Member
Pure RAW has been upgraded to version 3. It has become a lot faster and there are very good improvements.

1. Improved noise reduction, DeepPRIME XD has been added.
2. Sharper images, in the "normal" setting, still too sharp for me, I recover this with the "structure slider" in Capture ONE.
3. Improved correction of lens distortions, works good.
4. Remove chromatic aberations.
5. On my computer, it is faster than version 2.

After testing it for 3 days on D300 photos, bought the upgrade right away.
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  • Capt_SpauldingCapt_Spaulding Posts: 710Member
    Thanks. I didn't bite on V 2. Have to take this for a spin
  • Ton14Ton14 Posts: 683Member
    The latest review on DPreview is about DxO PureRaw version 3, which contains everything I am also experiencing with this update. It is worth reading and if you have done the 30-day trial I am sure you will want to start using this programme.

    We have a topic "Nikon's new bodies should include AI like Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra". My opinion is that AI that directly improves (change) your photos definitely does not belong in camera bodies and can be done much better with software AI, for example like this programme.

    AI for things like autofocus etc. I would like it in the camera, though.
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