DPReview Shutdown

NSXTypeRNSXTypeR Posts: 2,260Member
Hi, as many of you may know, DPReview is shutting down next month. I'm going to miss that site, that's how I got reliable info on camera specs. To be fair, I haven't been in the market for a new camera for many years now, although I still take my D7000 out every so often. But another one bites the dust I guess. I'll agree that the site skewed more towards pushing cameras and became a little less impartial after the Amazon takeover, but I still liked browsing it every so often.

Any thoughts from your end?
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  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,848Member
    I'll miss it. The comparison tools were great and there was still good info in the reviews. It was also a nice place to go for press releases and first looks immediately after product announcements.

    I found the forums there very difficult to navigate and never really got into them but I did enjoy the article comments from time to time.
  • MrFotoFoolMrFotoFool Posts: 350Member
    I only used it for their YouTube videos from Chris Nichols (and Jordan, though I skipped over his part since I don't do video). Thankfully they got picked up immediately by Petapixel, so the videos will continue.
  • vtpetersvtpeters Posts: 3Member
    DPReview offered a great camera and lens database to browse through. The test lab photo enabled me to compare image quality of any 4 cameras that had ever been tested there. Also the forums have been very useful and helpful when having a question about a certain topic or a problem.
    It's a sad thing to see it disappear and with it a LOT of useful information.
  • Capt_SpauldingCapt_Spaulding Posts: 710Member
    One more strike for Amazon. My son, the SE tells me they had opportunities to sell it but decided to just bin it. :(

    If I sound bitter about big corps buying useful things and then just throwing them away, well it's I'm bitter about big corps buying useful things and then just throwing them away.
  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,848Member
    Me too. They won't sell it because they want to be able to claim the write off as a loss.
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