Zm..Medium format Nikon .Your Dream or April fool

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So by accident the Zm high mega pixel is real . So will be the high price.Real or April Fool?
See todays blog spot. I vote April fool

Nikon UK accidentally posted a new camera development announcement on their website

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  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,881Member
    Its April Fool. Would be a neat idea but would need an all new set of lenses since the current Z's have baffles etc. to restrict the image size to standard full frame.
  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,692Member
    Yup, the rear baffles in some of the lenses are an issue. BUT not all Z lenses have those baffles so some of them must throw a circular image. I would love to see a Zm with the largest sensor the mount could accommodate in a 4x5 ratio or in a square ratio (the old 8x10 picture size or the old Hasselblad square size). I do not know if the additional size would be sufficient to be meaningful. Perhaps not. But why feel constrained by 24x36 mm size? Put the largest sensor in which the mount and lenses can handle and set the image ratio size by software. If the mount and lens can handle 36 mm wide it should be able to also handle 36mm tail. Yes, a 36 x 36 mm square sensor may have light falloff in the corners but that too can be handled by in-camera or post-processing software. Just give us the most you can out of that wide mount Nikon. Maybe it can allow for a Full-Frame=Plus sensor as well as for f1.2 lenses. Medium Format size? No. Zff+(for full frame plus sensor), maybe? Nikon knows the limitations, I don't.
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