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Just some info. A few years ago, I bought Luminar and found it to be nothing for me. Three month ago I have bought an upgrade to Luminar NEO and it has become very much better for quick edits. It was € 149.- one time payment (€ 79.- for the upgrade), there are always discounts.

Fast learning curve as it has an easy intuitive interface. It always worked strongly with AI, but does this better and better with each update. There is AI for masks and it has layers. It makes a layer automatic for every edit you do. Getting rid of a background for portraits, simple and quick. With an extension you have background replacement for other photos too, but this doesn't work optimally.

It also works as a plugin for Adobe. I use Luminar NEO a lot now for my Snapbridge photos. I wish they had an Android version. There is a trial version available for MAC and Windows and am curious to see how you guys like it.
They also have a very good customer support.
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