Looking for good DX camera with mid zoom lens


I am looking for some advices for DX camera with zoom lens around 16-50. It has to be small since it is for my GF, who previously used Sony RX100 IV. But since I don't like noisy images that Sony produced in dark environments, I'd like to change it to something better. Currently Z50 with 16-50 is first option. I am a bit drawn back with f3.5, so I showed Z6II to her , but it is too big and heavy.

Since I am not familiar with other systems I am looking for advice here.
What I need:
- size with lens not bigger than Z50 + 16-50
- if it is 2.8, even better
- good noise handling
I do not care about the brand, so looking for suggestions. Of course price is also important. :)

If Nikon would release DL system, I'd jumped there. But now I am stuck with looking for something else.



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    If its for a lady a Zfc is more stylish and you choose the Z lens .there is a pancake 28mm available .. or go D7200 and choose a lens .If you have a camera you need to match lens and flash etc so you can mix and match. If you buying new then use www.e-infinity.com .Buy all my cameras from them
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    Pistnbroke: zfc is looking nice, but too clumsy for holding in a hand. No grip makes it uncomfortable. Although it was my first choice, but after holding both, zfc and z50, z50 was nicer to hold. I was also thinking to go with newer version of RX100, but somehow Sony has a bitter taste since I see what noise RX100IV has. we will see if I can get some nice deal for used Z50
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    Z50 with lens is £688 ,$839 on E infinlity
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