Discontinued or Never Built Cameras

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Are there any discontinued or never built cameras that you guys ever want redone in a modern way?

For instance, Nikon was very close to making a Sony RX100-like camera with a 1 inch sensor called the DL with a fast medium zoom that got cancelled at the last minute. There was supposed to be an 18-50mm, a 24-85mm and a 24-500mm variant of the DL camera. I think they would still be compelling cameras today.


I also think discontinuing the Nikon 1 was a bad idea, they should have at least continued the AW1 and called it a Nikonos and made it a dedicated action/diving/swimming camera.

Overall it's crazy how quickly the point and shoot camera range shrunk for all the manufacturers, especially for Nikon. There used to be dozens of Coolpix models.

A modern interpretation the Epson RD-1 rangefinder would be very fun and interesting too.

What cameras do you guys miss or want a manufacturer to build?
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    I want to see Nikon produce a 100mp full frame body, also a larger 36x36 square sensor body that can accommodate the full image circle produced by Z lenses in square format, also a medium format body would be nice but that what would require all new lenses thus I would settle for the largest sensor that can accommodate the fullest image circle which can pass through the Z mount hole (the plena lens line may be the first in these type of new lenses as I understand it was designed to project a larger image circle on the sensor), also a "professional" DX sensor Z body. I think only the first want (the 100mp full frame sensor body) will happen because the other are too niche products. But that 100mp sensor will not arrive for two generations. First, there will be a 60mp sensor model (likely the Nikon 7III) in 2024 and about four or five years later the technology will advance sufficiently for Nikon to produce a 100mp FF sensor. The 36x24mm sensor size is arbitrary, left over from film days. The Z mount is much larger than the F mount and should be able to allow for an image circle greater than 36mm wide and 24mm tall. I don't know exactly how wide or tall: that would have to be determined by lens designers. Could it be an image circle of 40mm wide and 30mm tall? The Fuji GFX sensor is 43.8x32.9mm. The GFX G mount is 65mm in diameter. The Nikon F mount is 44mm in diameter. The Nikon Z mount is 55mm in diameter; 10 mm smaller than GFX G and 11mm larger than Nikon F. If the F mount could handle full frame sensors then the larger Z mount should be able to handle a sensor larger than FF. Just like mounting a DX lens on a FF body tells the camera to use only a smaller part of the sensor, mounting a current Z lens designed for a 36mm sensor on a larger sensor body could tell that body to use a smaller part of a larger sensor. Basically, the Z mount should allow for a sensor sized between FF and Fuji GFX medium frame. However, at this point in time Nikon needs to concentrate on increasing its market share of the FF sensor body market so I think that is where all the action will be over the next 6 to 10 years.
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