Is there going to be another $300 Z8 discount

I missed the black Friday deal, whats the chances of another one


  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,650Member
    How long can you wait? As with all cameras the price of a Z8 will go down over time. What is coming next should be a Z6III, a Z7III, maybe a Z1 or Z10 (a flagship camera above the Z9), a Z9II or Z9H(high speed) or Z9X(high megapixel) and then finally a Z8II (in about May of 2025). Once the Z8II is released many good Z8 bodies will be available used for about $2,000.00. At that time many full frame sensors will be 60 to 100 mp but that, and most improvements to come, will most likely be "wasted" on the average user. As far as special discounts now and then over time go, that is likely to happen over the next two years but it is impossible to predict when and how much.
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