New Z8 firmware

PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,443Member
Dedicated Bird Subject Detection Mode

New Cycle AF-Area Mode option (allows you to toggle AF areas)
Auto Capture
Pixel Shift Shooting, allows 180MP capture
Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control
More customizable buttons
Exit Zoom with a half-press of the shutter release
New shutter sounds
Adjustable focus point border widths
Option to omit shooting orientation in EXIF
Prefer Focus Point Face Priority (centers on the face when scrolling through images)


  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,650Member
    I think its great and look forward to trying the Pixel Shift when I can get to it. Also interested to see what Ritch Tone Portrait does. I have already changed my focus point boarder width to 3.
  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,650Member
    Here it is, my first attempt at pixel shifting with the Z8. 50mm f1.8 lens, f 5.6, ISO 400, 1/2000 sec shutter speed, 32 images, processed in NX Studio. The result is a 189 mb jpeg of 16, 512 x 11,008 pixels. The image is nothing special. It was choses because it is inanimate and should have lots of detail. Click on the image below and go to flckr where you can pixel peep the original full size file. I don't know whether it is impressive or not since I uploaded it without examining the file myself. Just wanted to get it out to all ASAP.

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