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This may sound like a stupid question but here it goes.
How do you set it so you can manually select the point you want it to focus on? The closest thing I can find is the little lever on the front, but when I set it to M, I can move the focus point around but the camera won't auto focus on that point (I'm useless at manual focus so this doesn't help me). I used to be able to do this on my old D5000 but I can't seem to figure it out on the D7000.

It was being really annoying and focusing on the background instead of what I wanted the other night (nikon 35m 1.8 + low light). Like I said before, I used to manually pick the focus point and it would auto focus on it on the D5000.

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    Right where the lever is coming out of, there is a button. If you press it and rotate the main command dial (the one at the back), you will be able to change the autofocus modes. Select AF-S (single-servo) and now you should be able to freely select AF points :)
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    Perhaps you to rotate the level on the back of the camera from the "L" (Lock") position, so you can move the focus point using the multi-selector button.


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    Don't you also need to rotate the front dial until it displays a single AF dot while pressing the AF button on the bottom left? Single point is still in "automatic" until you set it that way.

    It was a big change for me moving up from a D40, but I feel like once you have it memorized, it's faster than going through a menu.

    You can also choose how many AF points you want to use- 39 or 11. Personally, I also set it so that the AF point wraps around.
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    It was holding the button next to the lever then rotating the front wheel! What I was doing was rotating the back wheel before. I feel so silly :P

    Thanks guys for your help, hopefully I'll fewer blurry shots now :)
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    I suggest getting 'D7000 snapshots to great shots' from Peachpress or any of the other 'humanised' user manual replacements for a few bucks. They take the guesswork out of translating your user manual (assuming you have tried reading it...).l.
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    @ spraynpray

    Yes, it is a good point about reading the User Manual. It is not nearly as obnoxious if one downloads to their computer and then uses the search function. And, the more we search and find answers the easier it gets.

    However, to read ti from cover to cover....yikes, I fell asleep on page 60 or so....
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    60 pages? Hah! You are such a lightweight Tommie - that hardly gets you past all the contents and the health and safety cr@p!
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