Anybody use the Athentech software?

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No link to their .com site here out of respect for the Admin, but the curious can find it easily. What's interesting to me is the "Perfectly Clear" software (The Camera Store has a video demo on their blog).

The upshot is that the plug-in analyzes a photo and fixes it as it sees fit in one fell swoop (exposure, contrast, sharpening, etc.) and you can then use the Adobe software to refine the corrections. Obviously the software can miss, it's an algo not an artist, but it's advertised as starting you most-of-the-way down the road in Post.

Any experiences with it positive or negative? I am looking at plugins for my LR4 and whilst the Nik suite looks like it may be "better", this one might actually be more useful for me in terms of the time cutdown. At $200, I'd want to be careful before splurging.


  • I think I try it and see what they give for $ 199.-. You can download a trial from there site. It is a FULL functional trial with zero limitations and no watermarks. You can try it for 30 days.
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