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i am not trying to advertise myself or anything but i am a young photographer and i would like to here the opinions of you older and more professional people see some photos here ...
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    I'm not a professional photographer but I did take a quick look at your facebook page.
    Here are my remarks so far:
    - You need to make it very clear which photo's are yours and which photo's aren't. It's very hard to judge your quality if we don't know which pictures to look at.
    For example: The album "Photos du journal." has quite a few wonderful images. There's the National Geographic photo of an Afghan girl; there's the image of Empire State Building construction crew...
    Wonderfull images but not your images. So, which ones are yours?
    Put them in separate albumes and it will be a lot easier to review them.
    - Some of your work is fine but not great. (Like the pictures of the fireworks.) Some of your pictures are low quality snapshots (Like the kid drawing all over the house). And some of your pictures are very nice, well executed and show promise. (Like the black and white face protrait with the subtle selective coloring for the eyes)
    - If you want to really show of your work you need a dedicated photography page where you post your best work. That's the way to impress. Don't show 100 pictures of different quality. Show your 10 or 20 best.
    - If you want a review of your skill then you'll need to show the full resolution image. An image might look sharp at facebook's small image size but might show the photographer's motion when viewed at higher resolutions. Flicker can host larger images.

    So, in conclusion... You hold promise. You still have a lot of growth ahead of you but I can definately see some potential and I do really like some of your current work.
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    Thank you! that is what i was looking for :D I am only 15 so i have yet got to learn more and i will make a flickr since i was a bit too lazy before XD thank you again! and also my equipment is pretty limited to a D3100 kit lens and 40mm macro lens... I am looking forward to buying a D7100 later
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    If you really want constructive opinions and positive criticism and help with your photography find your local camera club and take your images along, That way you will talk to experienced photographers who will genuinely try and help and actually see your finished product. Just remember all opinions are subjective
    No matter what level you are at, sometime when you take an image at the right time and place you know inside it's a good one,
    As the previous writer said, quality rather quantity. Be you own hardest Judge
    And don't be put off by other photographers
    Good Luck and enjoy your photography, you never stop learning!
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