D800e problem with pink or ochre striped uniform photos.

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Suddenly, after making several normal pictures with my d800e the lcd has shown pink or ochre photos. The pictures were made outside at about 7 C degree. When enlarge the photos appeared perfect vertical stripes. Never happened this before. Does anyone know what it may be? Thank you very much. Bogdan


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    Please post an example. For best results use Flickr, and allow us to go to the full size image. The maximum here is 640PX.
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    Since then the camera makes only like these images.
    (sorry, I don't know how to insert the photo here on the topic- can you help me, please (when I select image I find this message image)
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    Those pictures are crazy. Those are jpg staight from the camera? Do you have the RAW? More out of curiosity than anything else.

    What I would do is pull the battery and then do factory reset.
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    Have you tried multiple memory cards? My first inclination is file corruption, second would be a software error on the camera itself.
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    Ouch! Maybe try installing the firmware again? That looks like something only Nikon could fix. ;(
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    @ TaoTeJared

    +1...this appears some serious issue which if not corrected by a reset, would suggest to me a trip to Nikon Service....with only 1600 clicks on the camera, I think I would return the camera if possible, but if not, it definitely needs to be serviced IMO. A determination of the primary failure would be essential
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    I would guess it is a problem with the PCB or the interfaces. Definitely a return to Nikon, not an easy fix.
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    Well, I went to the romanian Nikon service and I've left the camera there. After that, I've seen on the service's website a note that indicate that they are waiting for the replacement of a piece from outside Romania. No other explanation.
    That's right, I really don't trust the romanian Nikon service. I'm afraid they won't replace the camera for any reason but trying to fix it with pieces. I don't know what to do in this case.
    What's my rights in this case?
    Ps. What is a IMO?
    Benji, can you please refer to this PCB or the interfaces more.
    Thank you all!
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    In my (unqualified) opinion it is a problem on the printed circuit board or the connection between sensor and circuit board because there is no signal arriving at the processor (Blank photo with stripes). But I am not a Nikon technician, so don't take my wild guess too serious. I would sit back and relax and see what they can come up with, the camera should still be under warranty. Don't hold you breath for the return of the fixed camera - from what I heard repair time is measured in weeks rather than days if they have to order spare parts from Japan. I agree that the order for spare parts shows that they are trying to fix it and do not plan to replace the camera as a whole.If you need a camera urgently, have them borrow you one.
    Good news: You will love your camera even more when you get it back :)>-
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    IMO= In my opinion. IMHO = In my humble opinion.
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  • SSilvestroSSilvestro Posts: 5Member
    It's very helpful to have people like you with me.
    I'm impressed how quickly such a camera can collapse. I have the feeling that you should be lucky to buy the right camera. But I'll have patience and wait the steps for solving this. I'll let you know about this if you like.
    Thank you again guys, tank you! Bogdan
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