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I am looking for a rugged waterproof point and shoot to take on a beach trip. I want to use it in the pool and snorkeling. (DSLR waterproof housing is out of my price range) I know the AW110 just came out a bit ago has anyone here bought it and have any reviews on it? Has anyone used any of the other top models such as panasonic lumix, olympus, or pentax? Thanks as always!


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    I have the AW100. The camera can produce nice and sharp photos, but most of the time the images lack contrast and sharpness and look like mush anyway. So be prepared to do some post processing afterwards.

    Underwater the camera is quite uncertain in focusing even in good light, so you´d better take many photos to get a few keepers. I used this on sunny days in the bright Mediterranean waters and still it´s not exactly worth the price IMO. The GPS feature is nice, though. But the camera battery is too low powered.

    I am replacing mine with a better one. Thinking of a m43 or some other mirrorless with underwater housing instead. Or the Olympus TG-2 as the prices go down a bit.
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    The Go Pro 3 Black has pretty well taken over underwater photography everywhere I go. Originally it was being marketed as an action camera able to take the elements. We use it UW almost everywhere. Our images are in places on the Internet. I also use UW housings and they all are expensive. So if you can deal with video, get a Go Pro 3 Black. They are $400 and worth every penny. We have also used the Nikon AW110 (save your money!) and the Canon D20. Both of those are in the $250 range and often fail in the second or third UW adventure. Considering we have never had a Go Pro fail, it is not much of a contest. Someday maybe you'd try the UW housing on say a D7000. It is very , very good! But the total expenditure is about $4,000. A lot of that cost is in housings and the required lens ports. Also the 12-24DX Nikkor we use most of the time UW is not cheap!
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