Is the Nikon MB-D15 not adding any extra fps to the D7100?

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I preordered a new D7100 to give a break to my veteran D80 and wanted to know if anyone has a clue about this. I guess it doesn't since Nikon does not say anything on the press release.


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    My guess would be that it doesn't or Nikon would have mentioned it.
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    Yeah, that is what it looks like, unfortunately
  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,700Member
    Wait and see what the reviews say when they come out. They may reveal some things Nikon has not discussed yet.
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    The D80, D90, and D7000 did not receive a speed bump from the grip, so there is no reason to believe that the D7100 will, considering that Nikon did not mention it.

    The only cameras to receive speed bumps from the grip have been the D300/D300s, D700 and D800 (only in crop mode for the D800). Doesn't look good for the D7100. Throw in the the fact that the buffer will only last 1 second at the rated 6FPS and I doubt any added speed would be useful anyway.
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    Good point. But if I can switch (for whatever reasons) to JPG only, the buffer will last for good 5 seconds or about 33 frames in JPEG fine. Only two more than D7000 but still a lot more than with NEF. Of course, I don't switch often to JPEG only. But if I'd need a lot of frames with high shooting frequency, there's a "second best way" to do so.
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    Yes, very good points and circling back the old debate this will be another reason to believe the D7100 is not taking the place of the D300. I guess we will need to wait and see.
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