Mixing Nikon Flashes (sb910) with Canon EX flashes

BrucePhotographyBrucePhotography Posts: 40Member
edited March 2013 in Nikon Flashes
I currently have two SB910 flashes and like them very much. But I also have 2 580EX, one 550EX, and 1 430EX. Is there any way to trigger the Canon's perhaps from the flash burst of the Nikon without them going off with the preflashes? How about using the wired pc connector on the D800 or the D7100? How about some slave converter that sits on the bottom of the flash? Any Thoughts?

Right now I have ordered the Bolt new model and we'll see what it can do (Bolt VX-760N Wireless TTL Flash for Nikon). Half the price of the 910 but I'm sure that staying with the Nikon model will be simpler but sometimes I'd like some remote flashes scattered around an interior shoot and at $550 a pop that is just more than I want to spend.


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