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There is a thread of video that presumes to be from Nikon D7100.

Look for some AA issues in #10 the horizontal lines and/or lights (which may be just using the wrong hertz frequency setting in the camera); total time 2:17.

My best.

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    Hi Mike,

    I could not see the moire...however in the ad for the camera strap, I saw an interference pattern as a result of the motion of the strap. This comes on as a flicker, but did not appear to be moire in my eyes.

    The operative word is "my eyes" as they are maybe not a sharp as some.... ;)
    Msmoto, mod
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    Hi Msm,

    I think I can see some in some, but I'm not sure the vids are legit.

    It's really poor quality all around. Poor encoding for sure, and the frequency pulsing and encoding could also account for what I'm seeing. Looking at it again, it does 'look' like aliasing in parts where lines are stair-stepping.

    Again, I'm not even sure that it is from a D7100, or if the encoding is interlacing the content.

    My best,


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    I think the youtube item you are discussing is

    I do see the pulsing but didnt notice the moire.
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    I thought the D7100 I have video is superior to the D7000. I think the pulsing is somewhat reduced and the moire which SEEMS to show on the LCD screen, doesn't show on any playback system I have seen. My grandson is working on a D7000 versus D7100 video. We do think the D7100 is worth the price! On the other hand the D400 will be better no doubt.
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    @ Danwatson7: Comparing crop sensor with full frame $1.2K with $3K?
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    The videos shot on Canon are often in mov format, if you want to upload to YouTube, you need to convert them to a youtube-able format like flv.
    It may be other options out there, for sure.
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