Aperture not importing certain images

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Im trying to import images from a D70's CF card into my Aperture library. I can see all the images to start, when the import is "finished" an error message of 51 images unable to import shows up. I can't view them on the CF afterword.

Any tips on how to get this back without going to a third party?


  • theman1050theman1050 Posts: 2Member
    Issue Solved as most are, by ejecting, shutting it off, and starting fresh.

    Although I should note I had to work around by copying the images to the desktop and then importing.
  • CorrelliCorrelli Posts: 135Member
    This might be an indication to some kind of memory card corruption. I would suggest to format the card in the camera and keep an close eye on this. If it happens again I would get a new card.
  • DenverShooterDenverShooter Posts: 416Member
    I always format my memory cards in the camera(s) after importing the images off from them. Always...

    I also only buy the Nikon recommended memory cards...

    Life is too short to have pictures hosed up because of cheap memory cards or not formatting them in the camera.

    Denver Shooter
  • adamzadamz Posts: 842Moderator
    even the best memory cards break sometimes
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,398Moderator
    @ DenverShooter

    Exactly what I do...and I use the menu as I am using the second slot as a backup to the XQD card on the D4. My ritual is to do the shoot, finish the photos in LR 4.3, and once finished, replace the QXD card and format both via the menu.

    Have had not problem with this procedure. Of note, when ejecting memory cards from the computer, it does take about two or three seconds to do this and if the card is simply pulled out "hot" I can imagine it could create an issue.
    Msmoto, mod
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