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    Having had the 18-200 it is a pretty good single lens option. I still found it usable at 200. For vacations, travel and dynamic situationd it is the go to lens. I took mine to disney, rocky mountain national park and it was the lens I kept on my camera while driving around for work. I think overall quality is pretty good for the convenience factor.

    That being said if I was in your situation I would buy the 70-300. It seems like a waste to me if you already have the 18-105. I would think in most cases that is the lens you would use 90% of the time and you could easily switch to the 70-300 for those longer shots when needed. I don't know where you are taking your trip or why it is so dynamic you couldn't change lenses. I have since sold my 18-200 and use my 17-55 as my walk around lens...I generally find it just fine and learn to deal with it if I don't want to carry tons of gear.
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    I have to agree completely with tcole1983. If you have the 18-105 (I do and rate it quite good) adding a 70-300VR would be the single lens I WOULD ADD MYSELF. I bought the 18-200VR and although I rate it VERY highly and feel it is a great walkaround lens, I would say that with a 18-105VR the 70-300VR is the next best step. I also agree that not changing lens at all on a trip may be it itself not the best. For sure if you are using just one lens on an important trip you had better be putting the images on a big screen or some quality check to make sure you don't have a few salt water smudgies on your images which would require some heavy duty editing. Just saying the one lens forced to do it all is putting quite a few eggs in one basket. There is even a lot to be said, I think, for bringing along a 18-55VR if you had one?
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    When I did my Japan trip I had the 18-70 and it was more than good enough in most situations.. though I did want the longer reach occasionally. however I would say that bec Japan was such a compact and closed in environment with lots on interesting nooks and crannies, the long end was not as needed as I expected. However, I did buy the 18-200 part way through the Japan trip in Tokyo. The extra reach was welcome and fun. but the VR was a revelation ! Once we got out of the city the extra range got a bit more use. But like the posts above said.. most of the time you will have time to change between a tele zoom and the normal zoom as you would be e using mainly one or the other. it was rare that you needed both. ( the exception would be the ship ride on a lake )

    I would never go on a trip without a back up camera and lens.. I always carry a P&S on trips just in case. The P&S is especially handy when you have a tele zoom like the 70-300 on the main camera.
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