what is the best book to buy to learn the Nikon D800e camera?

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i've noticed that there are several out
and that Lynda.com also offers a lengthy video (but not DVD) called Ben Long shooting with the Nikon D800.
unfortunately you can't download it, jst view it as long as you have a paid membership with them.


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    Thom Hogan's Guides are excellent and not expensive.
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    Start with the product manual that comes with the camera.
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    +1 for reading the manual and Thom Hogan's Guide. I always do both.
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    The DVD for Ben Long's D800 course is for sale at Lynda.com. Click on DVD purchase on the left of the table of contents.

    Lynda.com is a great choice. I usually give 1 year subscriptions to my customers if they take delivery of photographic equipment or computers with their systems. With Ben Long's course, you can also download the transcript for off line review.

    The manual is the best place to start.
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    I read both the manual and the D800 guide by Thom Hogan.
    The manual provides all the info on how the camera works so you could use only this resouce.
    However, Thom's guide is a truely excellent reference work that explains every detail about your camera, it's internal operation and how different settings can be useful in different shooting conditions.
    I love the guide and would definately recommend it!
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    We need only one thread on "Learning the D800E"
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