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Hi folks, I just picked up a D600 after a long wrenching indecisiveness between it and the D7100. I got it at B&H in a kit with a 32 gig Sandisk 45MB/s card. I was wondering if the D600 can work with two different speed cards. I would like to put a higher-speed card in the second slot and have the camera write RAW data to the faster card while writing JPEGS to the existing card. Is this logical, or does it not make any difference at 45MB/s? Thanks for any info on this.


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    You should be able to use two different speed cards in your camera without any problem. The camera will only process images to the cards as fast as the buffer and the cards will allow. A slow card can slow the camera's "burst rate" assuming there is more than adequate buffer built in. But, as long as the memory cards are compatible with the camera, the speed of each card can be different and the camera will work just fine.
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    @spy_black - all should be fine with 2 different speeds, as the controller writes data to two slots independently.
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