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Anyone know of any decent third party AC wad adaptors for the D800? I'm not about to spend $150 on the nikon one just so I can plug my camera into the wall.
For timelapse and long studio shoots it's quite convenient to just plug in and forget about battery life.
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    I wouldn't use anything other than the Nikon adaptor, at the risk of zorching the electronics in the camera. $150 is a fraction of the cost of the camera.
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    and nothing (which is what I'd make from doing a timelapse for the fun of it) is an awful hard justification for spending that much for a darn power cable and converter box that comes for free with every other piece of electronic hardware.
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    You can look at this: ($59)

    Search for Nikon and if the link gods punish me. Don't say I didn't tell you so though ;-) $100 for peace of mind is priceless...
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    guys do You really think it makes such a difference if You buy legit ones or 3rd party? cables are cables, and paying $150 is way to much. Personally, I'll go for ebay where You can find EH-5 for less than $40
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    I was just going to point out that you can get the EH-5b and EP-5b on B&H for $130, and there is this one also:

    for like $50

    @adamz, there is more than just a cable, there is a power supply to convert from AC mains to DC for the camera battery adapter. As an EE I would just point out that reverse engineering a power supply can be somewhat non-trivial, and I wouldn't trust a 3rd party to not send unregulated power to my $3000 camera's power supply. For a difference of $100 I'll take the peace of mind. YMMV and go for it!
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    @ironheart - maybe reverse engineering a power supply is non-trivial, but is that really that hard to get correct voltage at the camera end. it's not like the plugs are developed in garages. for most of the times they come from the same production lines as the brand ones and differ only with stickers. but we all can make our choices.
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    Voltage is only one of the things they have to get right. Cheap unregulated power supplies introduce noise, ripple, and harmonic distortion among other things that can easily ruin sensitive electronics, and they can do it over time, not necessarily all at once. I'm just stating my personal choice, like I said, go for it!
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    Yes, but not all of us are electrical engineers :)
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    As long as Lucas Electric doesn't manufacture the power supply....
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    @ you seriously mean to say that Nikon delivers the D 800 WITHOUT a a/c adapter cable? I think this company has lost their marbles; they think nothing of charging $250 for a battery grip for the D 300, and I'm told over $300 for the one for the D 800, and now they want to charge $150 for a simple five dollar transformer with a cable and a plug on it ? Meanwhile, 500 "third-party companies come out with 500 different "solutions", and half of them perform as well as Nikon's ridiculously priced accessory, and according to some of the reviews I read, some of the third party solutions work even better than Nikon's.

    I'm very glad you have pointed this out to us; after seeing some shots that a very well known photographer has been getting with his new D 800, I was about to reconsider my thoughts as to ever wanting to "upgrade" to the 8oo; now that I hear this, I think I may "upgrade" to a new Canon point and shoot, and tell Nikon to take a hike.... In the third of that ridiculous amount would keep me in rechargeable cells for longer than the D 800 is likely to "last".
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    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    The EH-5b AC Adapter lists for forn $118.00 on the Nikon site and is available from the usual group of vendors for as little as $23.00 from BESTBATT, $49.95 from Adorama to $79.95 at B&H.

    It's compatible with a host of Nikon cameras.

    Hope this helps.

  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,398Moderator
    For the D4the EH-5b AC Adaptor does not work. The EH-6b is available from Adorama for about $90. Also, B & H and others have this.
    Msmoto, mod
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    @Msmoto, you also need the EP-6 power connector:
    Which goes for $159. There are only a small number of Nikon cameras that have an external power connector, almost all of the DSLRs need a dummy battery "power connector" in addition to a power supply.
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,398Moderator
    Oh yes, Ironheart...thanks. Old folks somehow forget that with these new cameras it is never as inexpensive as we would like.
    Msmoto, mod
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