What have you learned at NRF?

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There was a thread with the same title on the old forum so I thought I would restart it here:

Something I have learned this week on this forum that I was staggered by is that f numbers are not standardised by the amount of light they let through. I would have expected f2.8 to be different diameters on different lenses but defined so that you could take your 18-105mm f3-5-5.6 and your 35mm f1.8 and when set at the same aperture and ISO, you would see the same shutter speed. Turns out I was wrong. Can see why aperture is not standardised by light, even if somebody explains it I will still not think that it makes sense for the reason stated above, but there ya go - never too old to learn!

Some points raised here are like 'DX doesn't have more reach - it is a cropped sensor' are just pointless to sweat over. Those who say DX magnifies the image or has more reach do understand the effective difference between DX/FX so what the heck, but that aperture point was a 'What? Wow!' moment for me. 40 years of taking snaps and I didn't know and would never have even suspected that. :\">
Always learning.


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    I learn something everyday on NRF. And, on those rare occasions I am incorrect :)) I learn even more.

    Also, I have learned the persistence of the spammers...hopefully rarely seen on the forum live now...
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    I agree Msmoto. I learrn something evryday I come to this site. As an amateur enthusiast that leaves plenty of room B-) All of you on this forum have been a great resource.
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    While I don't post a lot I am usually here every day because of all the great topics and great members who are willing to discuss a point and not boil down to name calling because someone disagrees. A lot of great topics like the light loss topic that spraynpray talked about. Since I recently got a 105 macro I have also been following the macro lighting thread and beginning to see how hard it is to setup good lighting on small objects. I also enjoy the threads that show peoples setup for how they got a particular shot. Msmoto post on her setup for the pianist photo shoot was great. I have been on a bit of a lighting kick lately so it is great to learn all that goes into creating good light.

    The more I learn the more I find I need. It seems to be a vicious cycle like that. So many toys so little money. :-)
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    I agree. Here every day...sometimes more. Read a lot. Learn a lot...from the technical to the practical. This is GREAT.
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    I just learned today I cannot even read a D5000 manual... :))
    Msmoto, mod
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    I have learned so much I wouldn't know where to begin. Everything from new product development, to new products, to member evaluations and experiences, to at least superficially knowing some people who share a common interest. NRF has made it clear how much talent there is out there and how willing people are to share their talent and knowledge. I stumbled upon NRF early last year and it has become an enjoyable part of my day. Thanks to everyone for your contributions of time and talent, and a special thanks to the creators/founders and the mods that make it all work.
    Occasionally a decent image ...
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    What I don't seem to have learned, is how to get the picture from Flickr to PAD; Followed all the directions......still ne picture.
  • Till now I always found the answers for my questions on NRF. There is a lot of knowledge on the forum.
    But why writes this editor the word - Always - with a capital lettre?
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    What have I learned?

    Well, among other things, it can be quite challenging to get the picture in my mind to correspond to the pixels on my sensor.
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    I have learned better composition and technique by reviewing the images on the PAD. I am always inspired. I enjoy the professional advice from all of the members and moderators which helped on my recent (Jan 30th) purchase of a D7000 N18-200VRII kit. My questions are always answered promtly and with different points of view. I have learned that I have a great Nikon family here at [NR] that I can rely on for advice and guidance. Many thanks to all. =D>
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    I am disappointed .. I have not learnt anything today ... :-( .. maybe tomorrow ...
    Or later today .. after all I just woke up :-)

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    I have learnt so much on NR.
    The advice and recommendations from everyone are all worth listening to. Everyone has a different opinion, so it is well worth taking a little advice from everyone. As Dredden85 says, we have a great Nikon family here that we should all be proud of, sometimes we don't all see eye to eye, but it would be boring if we did.
    I would personally like to thank
    Msmoto Thanks for the advice and motor sport inspiration
    adamz Thanks for your advice on lenses.
    severncrossing Thanks for your buying advice
    obajoba For grounding me when I got confused
    Coastalcon For your advice on settings

    These are just a few of the many people that deserve thanks. But thanks to everyone that has helped on my buying choices. My wife has even said that my photos of her look better.

    Great site and NR family (Now I must learn to keep my posts to the point :s
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    I learned the value of the circular polarizer for color digital photography. I had a polarizer back in the film days shooting B/W all the time and only recognized its ability to limit reflections in windows. 5 yrs with a DSLR and I finally coughed up the dough for a genuine Nikon CPL after seeing that shot with the surfer (sorry can't remember whom to credit). Tested extensively on a little cruise to Mexico, and the water effects were immediate - super happy.
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    Well first pass at the WAF is not good. I have a camera which is not worn out or broken so why do I want another - and it costs HOW MUCH? b-(
    today's lesson: If you are a photographer DONT GET MARRIED
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    LOL! But like the best advice - it came too late!

    Must ask peter how to hide threads on here - too much incriminating evidence now.... :))
    Always learning.
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    Today I learned that a source of noise in night shots is Active Dynamic Lighting. Thanks guys. :)>-

    Edit: But after tests, not a very great one it seems.........
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    Always learning.
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    WHile I am not certain this is the correct spot for this post.....I learned today that we have recently lost one of the greats in photography, Robert Gilka. He was head of National Geographic's Photography Department from 1958 to 1985. Here is a very nice series of interviews, and information regarding Mr. Gilka.


    Many of us "grew up" with National Geographic as our benchmark for good imaging reportage. And it is no different today....we still have some extremely talented photographers doing what few of us can do...here was one of the leaders in setting up the high standards of a good professional.

    Enjoy the article, shed a tear, and aspire to be the best...
    Msmoto, mod
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    OK, time for more "What have we learned" stuff.

    The Nikon Df and the discussions on "pure photography" have precipitated some thinking in me. I have just ordered prints from a company which fuses inks into aluminum, the end result being stunning. The potential for some very impressive images is even better now that I have seen these, as they appear almost as brilliant as one's monitor.

    So, maybe I need to do more thinking about the final goal of what I am shooting rather than just grab my snapshots like I usually do. I suspect many of us will shoot the image within a few minutes of arriving on the scene, and in many cases this must be done, particularly if the subject is dynamic. But, there may be some advantage to more consideration when doing our work.

    Thus, what I have learned as a result of recent topics on NRF is to maybe spend more time on one subject and really attempt to get a great result rather than my casual approach. Thank you all.
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    The points I take away from here, are helping me learn more about photography, than I would have ever dreamed.
    More importantly, I am learning about me and my own limitations.
    Funny how we often want to blame the camera or flash or some other fantasy in our minds, for a crappy shot,
    when it is us that needs to be tuned up.

    Practiced practice practice, will make us all better photographers.
    Having better instruction goes a long way too, in improving one's skill level.
    And not just by Acquiring rather expensive cameras and lenses. Then Hoping for the best outcome.
    The more I learn here, the more I realize how little I actually know about this hobby.
    It's sure fun learning, and relearning forgotten lessons. I thank you all...
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    ChasCS Practiced practice practice,...

    spot on

    There are some here, who been at this game, far longer than we care to admit, who are still learning

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    Since I got back into having a camera with my D7100 what I've learned is I don't know butkus. But I so appreciate the vast, amazing knowledge of so many here at NRF. I also have learned many who know so much more are liberal with their advice, which for someone like me is beyond appreciated.
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    I have not been on the forum for long, but I am re-thinking my initial assumptions about what kind of tripod system to buy. I am sure that the list will get longer.
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    Please check out the Vanguardworld.com Tripod line, they really are quite decent for the money...
    And there is a great Fall Promo until mid December.
    Here's a review of one model, which comes with the pistol grip ball head that I have on mine.
    They have many models to suit the most demanding photographer, or amateur shooter alike.
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    Difraction. And recently why it is not a good idea to use a ball head with a monopod
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