Nikon DR-5 angle finder problem

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Hi all,

Just bought a D800 + DR-5 angle finder and can't seem to screw the angle finder on correctly. It keeps turning 90' too far to the right (see pic). Does this mean that the silver thread part on the DR-5 has been turned too far? I can still use the angle finder but it should be up right, not pointing to the right. Do I have to loosen (don't know if that's even possible) the black rings on the inside of the silver thread in order to turn the silver thread back into the correct position? Has anyone ever seen this before?



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    One must make certain when screwing the adaptor on that the two locking rings are pressed. The, when released the adaptor should be free to rotate into the position you want. This is from the product manual.

    You may want to check and see if the thread mount rotates freely when the lock tabs are NOT pressed, and that the ring locks in place when the two tabs are pressed.

    Also, the threads are sometimes very difficult to get started (at least on my D4). So, be careful not to cross-thread the adaptor.

    Hope this helps...these right angle finders can save a lot of neck bending, sitting in unusual positions and so on.
    Msmoto, mod
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