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I took some shots with the continuous setting on the release mode and then reverted to single frame but the camera has stayed on the continuous and I I can't find a way to get it back to single frame. It is a waste of the SD card if I don't need this option. Is there any other way of getting back to single frame other than the information display?


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    im not sure how this camera works, but did you remember to press the "ok" button to properly select the menu change ?

    you can still just take one picture even if you are in continuous mode, you dont have to hold the button down and take many

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    Harriet...we need to know what camera you are shooting....Pro bodies and some pro-sumer bodies use a release button and dial rotation. The consumer bodies change this via the menus.
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    She posted in the D5x00 area so I'll take a stab: The only way to change the release mode is either in the "info" menu or the "shooting" menu. Page 35 in the D5100 manual. Page 65 in the D5000 manual. Page 29 in the D5200 manual.

    The D5200 has a dedicated release mode button that takes you to the same menu you get to via the "info" screen. This button is on top of the camera to the rear of the shutter release.
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