D800 max. continuous video recording time? (ignoring the 20 minutes limit)

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Hi all!

Quick question: Not really "rumor" related but I know there is a very lively community here on NR so I thought why the hell not?

I've been asked to record a video this weekend and the only camera that is available to me on that day is aD800. Although thats a huge compromise over professional camcorders a SLR will suffice for this tiny project.

I was wondering - is the D800 known for having problems capturing multiple 20 min. segments in a row? I know video recording stops every 20 min. (or 30? don't remember) but if I immediately start a new clip, would the D800 have any issues with that? overheating? EXPLODING? I'd probably have to capture 2 continuous hours of footage.

I would gladly perform a little stress test on a D800 but I don't have one here, I'd only get one right before my little project starts on Sunday). Also I'm consindering renting a second D800 tomorrow for this so I really need some info if this is possible at all or if the Nikons would start - I don't know - melting after 70 minutes or so...

I DO know the D800 very well as a photographic tool but I don't know THAT much about it's video capabilities.



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    oh, and by the by -- how fast does video recording drain the batteries ...?
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    I can answer the 2nd part. Nikon says 60 minutes per charge for video.
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    Hi t_deece,

    This is likely coming too late to do you much good, but there is an adapter (EP-5B Power Supply Connector) that can fit into the D800 - I've used it in the D7000 - that will power the camera from AC power in the USA. You can also just change batteries, charge up the rundown one.

    The camera will warm up, at least the D7000 did, but I didn't notice any particular change affect to the video. I've read that very long run times - whatever that means - should be avoided, but I've run two plus hours without any problems, although there were intermissions.

    My best,

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