Nikon D7100 Black spot in video mode

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I seem to have stumbled across a small bug with my new D7100, I don't know if its exclusive to my copy only or if it affects all cameras.
Exclusive to video mode, when the shutter speed is set to high, and with a combination of having a higher iso, I noticed a small black/glowing blob on the bottom left of the screen.
The lens is brand new itself, and the issue is the same regardless of which lens I use, sensor is visually clean as well.
It's more pronounced with a higher shutter speed and higher ISO so it shouldn't be a problem for shooting under normal conditions. On slower shutter speeds (like 400 and under) you won't really see it, its similar to the field of depth going smaller and going out of focus.
If you hit the right settings and it affects your camera you'll see what I mean, anyone else have this?


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    Does the glowing blob get recorded as well or is only on the built-in screen? Have you connected to an external screen?
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    I should've mentioned this, yeah it shows up on the videos played on my computer, I've included two samples.
    It only seems to show when combined with a high ISO and a variable shutter speed, otherwise you'd have a tough time seeing it if its there.
    I noticed its more pronounced in darker areas then mid-bright areas.
    I should note that this spot *doesn't* appear in crop 1.3 mode.
    photo blackspotedit.jpg
    photo blackspot2.jpg
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    I have made a quick test with mine and i cannot see any such spot ; yet, I am not familiar with the video mode ; let me check how to acheive that "high shutter speed" thing in video mode and I'll confirm

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    Hi again,

    I checked the manual, but I cannot see what you mean by "high shutter speed" ...
    anyway, just did another test @ 60fps and 6400 ISO and could not see anything.

    not sure if this can help !
  • Hey thanks for the test, for the high shutter speed, I mean just setting the shutter to at least 1/400th of a second while in video mode.
    If its there, it'll be more pronounced in darker areas.
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    oh, ok .... i should probably get some sleep ... I thought it was actually shooting a video (as opposed to "in" video)
    did the test again, and i confirm ; no spot
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