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I have just read an article in N-photo, which compares the different DSLR cameras in the current Nikon line-up (with the exception of the D4). Apart from basic description of camera specs, some lab tests have been carried out, one of which is image resolution, where each camera is given a rating out of 30. There was not a lot (as far as I could see) detail of how this comparison was made, and the results have left me a little confused, so I wondered if anyone here has read the article and could clarify some things for me? The first thing which confused me was that the scores for image resolution did not seem to be entirely determined by the number of megapixels in the the sensor. The main thing which stood out was how poorly the D7000 fared, coming out with the worst resolution score in the line-up, coming below the D90, D3100, and D300s, all of which have fewer megapixels. It also scored below the D5100, with which it shares the same sensor. They report this in the text, yet in the summary/conclusion paragraph they recommend the D7000 over the D300s as the latter camera cannot match the D7000 for resolution, despite their tests apparently showing the opposite. 

I am not criticising the article, magazine or cameras in any way: I am just genuinely confused by this. Could anyone who has read it please help me out here?

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    Most likely a miss print, tables or text put in the wrong place.
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    @Niknik - haven't read the article, but read N-photo before and out of many different photo magazines I found it way below the average in terms of user usefulness. Moreover, I've seen free magazines that are better than this one. Pity that it's a Nikon dedicated magazines. 
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    I like to read DxOMark and Dpreview for information.  Evaluation of cameras and resolution is subjective unless carried out on an optical bench and by folks who are experts in the area.

    But, when things do not seem to make sense, I am always suspect.  Even in the pharmaceutical industry the testing of things has wide variability and has severe consequences.  And they are paid billions of dollars.
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    I finally became tired of these type of reviews and now base my opinions off how it works in the field and in my hands...  I cannot see what is not lining up...  Resolution as in DPI (ppi) or in max dimensions. I believe mine does 300 Dpi whereas my D200 does 240dpi
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