Nikon's RAW codecs creating a diagonal line on images shot on DX mode when using an FX camera?

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Hello all,

I have a D600 and a 28-300mm attached to it.

Couple of weeks ago I decided to test its DX mode. So, I changed FX mode to DX and shot some pictures.

When I imported my images into ViewNX 2, they looked just fine until I hit "RAW" button. As soon as I hit the button and the process finished, a white diagonal line appeared starting from the top left corner all the way down to mid-bottom of the frame. This occurred at any focal length & light conditions when images shot on DX mode. Images shot on FX mode are perfectly fine.

I opened up the same (RAW) images with Microsoft products and the line appeared at the same exact location as soon as MS products finalized processing these RAW images.

However, when I used Lightroom 4, these lines did not appear and all the images looked just fine.

If I convert/export these RAW images to TIFF or JPEG by using Nikon's ViewNX software, converted images also have these lines. Images converted by Lightroom 4 however do not have the lines.

So I assumed that this issue is not sensor/hardware related, but there is an issue with Nikon's RAW codecs (I believe Microsoft also using the same RAW codecs).

The issue does not bother much me since I use Lightroom for pretty much everything but I am also curious why this is happening and wandering if anyone can help me to understand what's going on here?

I wanted to upload the same JPEG image converted by ViewNX 2 and Lightroom so that you can see the problem but I just could not figure out how to attach these files, sorry I am new here.

I hope I was able to describe the issue clearly here. Oh by the way, lines appear even without tweaking images and I use the latest Nikon RAW codecs.

Thanks for the help & suggestions in advance!


  • JohnJohn Posts: 134Member
    First of all I would advise you to notify Nikon of the problem.
    Perhaps you are doing something wrong and they might be able to help.
    (Firmware not up to date, not the lastest version of the codex,...)

    It does look like you did nothing wrong. If you use the latest codex then it should work as you expect it to.
    Your assumptions seem valid and as far as I know it's not a know issue/bug.

    I suggest that you upload 3 files:
    - The JPG export from ViewNX2
    - The JPG export from Lightroom
    - The original NEF file

    THis should allow us to reproduce the problem for ourselves.
    (You might also want to send these 3 files to Nikon if able)

    I don't know how to post images and raw files on this site but I'm sure someone else will be able to help you.
    There is a post about posting images for the "image a day" forum thread.
    You can also use a file hosting service (flicker, google drive,...)

    A few quick questions:
    Did you have auto iso enabled?
    Did you use (Active) D-lighting?
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    Which version of ViewNX2? Did you install the codecs from Nikon's web site?
  • haroldpharoldp Posts: 984Member
    I regularly shoot DX mode on a D800e, convert my Raw files in Capture NX2 and have gad no problem.

    I accept your statement of the problem, additional data points will help Nikon's software guys in their diagnosis.

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  • dustbusterdustbuster Posts: 5Member
    Thank you all for taking your time and trying to help me out here.
    Today I downloaded current ViewNx & the NEF codecs from Nikon's web site onto my son's laptop. His laptop did not have these before so it was a clean install just to eliminate possible corruption issues. Results were the same unfortunately.
    I shot those images @ ISO 100 to 800 RAW. Various focal lengths and light conditions. Auto ISO disabled and ADL was @ normal. Some with spot some with matrix metering. The reason for all the combinations was simply because I left it on
    DX mode by accident and kept shooting. I think you are right I should contact Nikon about this. I will update this post as soon as I hear from them. Also as soon as I figure out how to post these images I will do so.
    Once again thank you all and have a great day!
  • JohnJohn Posts: 134Member
    You're welcome.
    Please let us know what Nikon answered. It might be useful to other D600 owners as well.
    If it's a bug (as opposed to a camera defect) then it's probaby something that they can easily fix with a firmware update.
  • AdeAde Posts: 1,071Member
    It might also be a problem with the D600's RAW codec for Windows -- if that's the case then even the firmware update should not be needed.
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