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    Hi all,

    Anyway, in your experiencing when glass cracked: Did that only happen to the front elements?
    I've been very destructive to all my employer's equipment, but that wasn't the topic, I tried to focus on what the topic is in trying to solve protecting the front element to continue shooting one's assignment, job or passion.

    I know diddly about other brands, as a rule. I do have some limited experience, but not enough to comment on them with any level of authority. While I have a Sigma lens and a Tokina lens, I have or have had or have used maybe 4 - 5 dozen Nikon lenses, many of these would be twins/triplets, certainly not the 'entire' Nikon stock of lenses.

    @Ade - Again, very thoughtful and spot on, slight problems can become job stopping or not depending upon how prepared one is. BTW, one can just plain become more 'aggressive' in clean a filter, too - at least I am. In a lull during a shoot, I would just clean the filters and prepare for the next minor emergency.

    @Wesley - An one more note on hoods - they are only protection for falling. They provide terrific contrast control, too, for images. Hoods are very helpful image making.

    My best,

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