Raynox 250 Tips?

turnthedarncranksturnthedarncranks Posts: 116Member
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On the advice of many, my recent birthday camera-related gift morphed into the Nikkor 50mm AF-S D and the Raynox 250. The former I know how to use. My first experiments with the latter were short and not very successful. So before I take it out for a longer spin this weekend, I thought I'd see whether any of y'all have advice about how to get the best shots from the Raynox 250. To be clear, I've been reading the other macro threads carefully, but am wondering about any info specific to how to use the Raynox in particular. (For example, I quickly learned that my using it with my 18-105 is tricky as even at 105mm vignetting is a big problem). I will be using it with my D7000, most likely on my 55-300.

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