50mm f1.8 G no longer autofocusing on D600

DavidDavid Posts: 18Member
edited April 2013 in Nikon DSLR cameras
Just as the title states -

Out of the blue this evening - my 50mm 1.8G lens no longer wants to autofocus on my D600 body. I have checked over and over my shooting modes, and I am in full autofocus, single shooting mode, A/M on the Lens, and AF on the body.

Pulled the lens off and placed it onto my fiancee's D3200, and focusing perfectly. So i take my Micro 105mm f2.8, and that is working properly. Then my 85 1.8G.... working perfectly. I take the MB-D14 off, and take out the in-camera battery for 10 minutes. Format both memory cards. All to no avail.

Has anyone had this happen to them? What was the solution? If I call Nikon tomorrow (or Monday?) - and they tell me I should send the lens in, I am inclined to just purchase another - as the lens is $200.

Thank you in advance for any assistance any can provide.


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