Nikon 70-200mm VR II 2.8F zoom lens...loosing rubber grip about the zoom ring?

beckemdbeckemd Posts: 1Member
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Was just shooting a soccer game and noticed the rubber grip about the Zoom part of the lens has become slack, like an old man;s triple chin...It's about 30/360 degrees of the circle atm. What's to be done? Is this something I should just glue down? I purchased it from Best Buy with an extended warranty...any thoughts? Has this happened to another person? Is it common?
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  • simbasimba Posts: 7Member
    My lens had the same problem. While I was waiting a new rubber ring ordered from Nikon Part, I used a silicon wristband to tighten it. By the time I received the new ring, the slack one was back to normal. It has been a few months, and I still don't need to replace it.
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