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I was looking to purchase a second SB900 but can't seem to source a new one. Apologies if I've missed this on a previous thread - does anyone know if it has been discontinued and is it only the SB700 or SB910 that are available now?


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    No need for a reply - here's what I got from Nikon (live chat)

    Me: Hi - are you able to advise what is happening with the Nikon SB900 flashgun. I was looking to buy a second one new but can only seem to source the SB700 or SB910 - has the SB900 been discontinued?

    Nikon: Unfortunately the SB-900 has indeed been discontinued. The SB-910 has been out a good while now. Some stores may still have some stock of the SB-900 in store, however I wouldn't be able to tell you what stores exactly. You can use the following link to search for some authorized Nikon dealers in your area: Is there anything else I can help you with this afternoon?
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