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I have just bought a Wimberley gimbal head and is looking for a good tripod to use with the gimbal and my 500 mm lense. I started to go through the different models of Gitzo and RRS. But didn't find a Gitzo that was long enough but still short enough for my suitcase when pushed together. The RRS TVC-34L looks pretty good but it is out of stock on the RRS site and there is no dealer in Sweden (where I live). Then I found the Sirui R-5214X that has the right dimensions for my use and has a slightly smaller price compared to RRS and Gitzo.

Does anyone have any experience with the Sirui RX series and can comment on the quality? Is it comparable to the Gitzo Systematic Serie 5 and the RRS Serie 3 tripods?

Two links to the Sirui:

Ps. What I want is a sturdy and high quality tripod that is at least 160 cm and max 60 cm when pushed together (give or take a few centimeters). I also don't want a center column.
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    These were discussed here:

    Perhaps this is the best place to continue the discussion...
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    One option that you might want to consider is getting the RRS TVC-33 and then adding to it the center column. This will give you more flexibility in usage. It is also easy to remove should you ever want to go as low as possible to the ground.
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    +1 for Golf007sd's comment.
    I have no experience with the Sirui tripods but can attest to their monopod's terrific.
    I wanted a tripod with 3 extension and had to go to 4 extensions so it would collapse more to fit in my suitcase. Actually, I picked several tripods and took the dimensions and we went suitcase shopping since we also needed a bigger suit case and I purchased a tall suitcase so the tripod would fit into it. It still has 4 extensions instead of 3 but it's still sturdy.

    So my tip is just don't think tripod...remember you can also buy a new suitcase to fit the tripod. LoL
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    I have a Sirui N-2204X and am really impressed with it. The overall quality is excellent, it's very stable but also surprisingly light (the Manfrotto ballhead I have on it is almost as heavy as the tripod itself!)

    If the R-5214X suits your requirements, you should go for it. I don't think you'll regret it.

    Baldy ;)
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    When I went to get the RRS TVC-34L tripod it also was out of stock so I called the company and was told there was a small wait, back log, I put in my order and was put on their list for the next batch to me made. I had it in hand in three weeks. It was worth the wait.

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    Thank you for all the answers! It seems like both Sirui and RRS have very happy customers. I'll give it a week to think about it.
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    Just as a piece of information I am currently trying to get the North America distributor to resolve an issue I am having with my Sirui gimbal. He was responsive at first but has gone silent. Not promising.
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    I picked up a Sirui video monopod with a foot Support. Build is fantastic. My next ballhead will probably be the same brand. I have no experience with the tripods but it will be a brand I will consider when the time comes.
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    I have several of their products, one is a bullhead which holds over 50 lbs. and IMO is the same quality as RRS. Actually the pretension adjustment is a better design. But the big factor was the price... not $600 but about $150.

    I do not have it in front of me at present or I would give a number.I think it is a K-30X.

    Also have the monopod head...seems to work quite well.
    Msmoto, mod
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    I have the Sirui K20x and Induro 8x CT14 tripod. Great combo for the money I think.
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    I now have the Sirui R-5214X tripod, the Sirui LE-60 leveling base and the Wimberley gimbal.

    I just want to report that I am very happy. The build quality seems to be as good as it can be. I can only compare it to my RRS monopod and it feels just as good. The leveling base is extremely smooth. I cannot stop using it in my living room :)

    In my (not so tripod experienced) mind Sirui is one of the top brands.
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    @snakebunk: great to hear that. Please post some images here; so that it will help others seeking a good tripod will have an idea of what they are looking at. Moreover, I would welcome some feedback once you have used it out in the field a few times. Have fun and congrats :D
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    I cannot stop using it in my living room :)
    Sometimes you just have to stop.

    .... H
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