Help! Nikon D7000 fried by high voltage flash

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I accidentally fried my D7000 by plugging it into an old high voltage flash (yeah i know stupid idea) via the GPS/Intervalometer port, now the back LCD doesn't work nor does the menu, shutter, flash, review, delete, live view, bracketing buttons. I took it into my local camera store and they said leave the battery out for a few days for a hard reboot, and if that doesn't work send it in. Does anyone here have any tips and or a general estimate of what it might cost?
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    What kind of cable did you use to do this? I'm not sure I understand exactly what you did, so suggesting a fix will be harder. A new control board and power supply will likely set you back more than the camera is worth. It was $400 to replace the I/O board on my D5100 when the hdmi connector got damaged. Fortunately I had a 3rd part warrantee or I would have scrapped the camera.
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    Its hard to explain it was the bottom middle cord from the remote flash trigger kit i got (link below and its the nikon one not the universal version). a new one is $500 on amazon which i think is more then i got it for. Plus I was supposed to be working an event on friday...

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    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you did, so suggesting a fix will be harder. A new control board and power supply will likely set you back more than the camera is worth.
    +1 on the Ironheart. I suggest you find yourself a new body for your upcoming shoot.
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    Okay, I see the cable you are talking about. That cable is supposed to be used to turn the flash trigger into a remote shutter trigger. That port only takes input from a remote shutter release or serial input from the GPS. It will never send a signal out to trigger anything. What you want to fire an old flash is something like this:
    Which is the nikon AS-15. However even that comes with the following warning:
    Note: This does not provide high-voltage sync protection, and is not recommended for flash units that have more than 6v.
    If you want to fire high-voltage flash you need this:

    The Wein Safe-Sync Hot Shoe to Hot Shoe (SSHSHS) regulates and reduces the flash sync voltage of the flash from up to 400V to less than 6V. This is especially important for current automated SLRs or digital cameras when used with older flashes or lighting systems.

    Next time come here first and ask questions, we'll get you pointed in the right (safe?) direction :-)

    It won't hurt to send the camera to Nikon to get an estimate, but it will take a few weeks at least to repair. I'd get a backup body now.
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    Maybe you should get two bodies now. You don't want to risk a client or your reputation to one body (I assume the event is paid work, not simply your hobby).

    I doubt your D7000 will be worth fixing - how much is a refurbished D7000 now? B&H or Adorama can ship overnight. It can be your backup if you want to upgrade or maybe just buy two refurbished D7000s.
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    thanks I'll probably buy a used one from my local shop, send in mine and depending on the estimate either sell back the used one and get it fixed or just keep the used and have a $500 paper weight.
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    There is a market for broken cameras for parts on ebay. D7000 are going for $200-$300 depending on how broke they are :-)
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    A new D7000 is going for about $630 on sale with the 18-140mm. It might be easier just to buy a new one if you can't wait.
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    Go to Best Buy and get a new one, they have the lowest price anywhere on the D7000 right now:

    If you don't want or need the lens then sell it on ebay and you've got a $350 brand new D7000 body.
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    Dont buy a D7000 the D7100 picture is so much superior you would be taking a step back.
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    +1 on what @Pistnbroke said. Buy new or a factory refurb if $$$ is tight. Lots of advantages for getting the D7100. Plus, IMHO, the new price on the D7100 will be coming down after the D7200 is announced and released.
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