DC2 Wired Shutter Release w/L-Bracket

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I have a D600 with an L-Bracket attached. I also have a Vello Shutterboss II wired intervalometer. There's no practical way to use them together since the cord goes straight into the port and interferes with the vertical arm of the bracket. Even if I modified the bracket to allow the cord to pass through, the cord would get in the way of mounting the camera vertically. Does anyone know of a right-angle adapter for the DC2 port so I can plug the intervalometer in and allow the L-Bracket to mount closer to the camera? It seems like this would be a common issue for landscape photographers using those cameras with the DC2 port but I haven't found anything regarding this issue.


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    Interesting issue. Who's the manufacturer of the "L" bracket? There has got to be a solution - 90 degree adapter.
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    Hejnar Photo (www.hejnarphotostore.com)
    From what I understand, the Kirk L-bracket allows you to open the port door but the cord would still be in the way of mounting the camera vertically.
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    Can you slide the entire "L" bracket to one side so as to gain more space between the extension and camera body? I have both my "L" brackets mounted this way and it allows easier access to the connection ports as well as a handle for holding the body when carrying.....
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    Yes, I can but it makes the camera kinda awkward and bulky. That's what I meant by "no PRACTICAL way.." Up until now, I've slid it out when using the intervalometer but it's really annoying to do so. Thanks anyway.
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    I was going to suggest sliding it to the side or even rotating the L bracket a little. I use an el cheapo L bracket on my D750 and the D750 door opens into the L bracket and I can plug in the remote OK. I guess the D750 must have a different door to the D600 (it has 3 of them).

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    Actually, I think they're very similar, if not the same. The biggest difference is probably what you're using it for and how often you use it. When I'm using a tripod, about half the time, I'm constantly switching between handheld and tripd for the entire session and switching between portrait and landscape for almost every shot. I also do quite a few panos, using a rail, so it's more inconvenient to deal with extending out the vertical arm of the bracket. *kicks furniture and holds breath* :-)
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    Practicality....yes, I understand this. And, I find some things I can live with and for reasons unknown others irritate me.

    However, I suspect that for some of us who have found that a client wanted xyz, we were forced to simply find a way to get the job done, whether it was comfortable or not. But, when driven by an outside demand, I have found I can work in an unfamiliar manner and eventually get comfortable with what is initially an awkward situation.

    Hope a solution is found which is acceptable for you.
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    @ElephRhino, here's the best I have found for what you are trying to do. Grab one of these puppies for $12:



    Chop the GPS end off the cable and replace it with a 2.5mm stereo jack like here:


    Good luck!
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    Msmoto: My need for a solution is for personal shooting, not for a client. I shoot as much for the pleasure of it, as for the results. That's why I seem overly picky.

    Ironheart: My intervalometer doesn't accept a 2.5mm jack. I wouldn't mind replacing it with one that did but I've never spliced wires more complicated than household wiring so I'll have to think about it. This is definitely the closest I've seen to what I'm looking for, though. Thanks a lot!
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    Yes, you will have to splice your intervalometer into this. Got any handy friends? Perhaps start with a cheapo eBay model first. Let me see if I can dig up the female DC2 connector... Geeze you aren't making this easy?!?
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    Why not dispense with, displace slightly, or even put the L bracket round the other way for the few times you need it?

    I just slide the L bracket to the left on my D7100 because the door doesn't fit through the L bracket. It worked fine until I got the D750. Now I just use the D750 as it fits but I can also use Wi-Fi and an app instead of all that. I don't use longer than 30 seconds so the internal intervalometer is good for me. If it wasn't, I'd use Digicam Control via Wi-Fi.
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    Ironheart: No need to look; I just thought someone might already know of a solution. If I won't look hard enough to find something myself, it doesn't bother me enough. :-)

    spraynpray: I thought about reversing the L bracket but haven't tried it yet. I know, I know... :\"> I'm planning to get a D750 soon but Wi-Fi won't help me since I don't have, and have no plans to get, a smart phone or any other such device.
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    Yee-ikes @ElephRhino, no smart phone? I can't carry all the info in my head that all my apps have, let alone the wireless release!
    From using it as a navigator to get me to a spot first time there, to finding stars or checking moonphase to make sure the light's right to checking the sun's track, to weather changes, to places to eat etc. etc. I now really wouldn't want to be without one.
    Always learning.
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    Hi All Thank you for your wisdom and recommendations. This has cropped up before and just recently on a Pano Class where shooting Vertical is necessary. I did also run across this little beauty and might give it a try as it looks like what @Ironheart is suggesting.image
    I like the longer coiled cable. The short one will need a 1/8 mini M to Fe extension and provides another bit to loose or fail.
    Happy Shooting Thanks R
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