YongNuo YN-568EX with Phottix Odin

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Since my recent death of the Sb-800 it left me with a deciscion of what to replace it with and after reading a bit and looking at diffrent options I purchased the Mitros+. It works great along with the sb-910 if the Mitros + is doing the triggering or if the phottix odin tcu is doing the triggering.
I was recommended to get the Yongnuo and for the price and value I decided to get it to have a 3 speedlight setup.

For TTL comparison values The sb-910, mitros + and Yongnuo give the TTL flash value 99% the same doing some test shots. The sb-910 gives TTL-BL which is a plus when needed.

However, the Yongnuo doesn't communicate or work well with the Phottix system. It will not fire the correct flash value using the receiver or even setting it to as a slave unit and 1/1 power; the flash output is like 1/128 equivalent or less.

I like the controls over the Mitros+ but for features the Sb-910 is in first place then Mitros+ then Yongnuo. For price value you are safe with the Yongnuo if you need one light using TTl.

I didn't do research prior to the purchase to see if they would be compatible but if anybody needs any additional info this site has great input on the speedlight.

While the flash would work as a slave unit properly if the nikon flash/commander does the triggering I'm not sure that I would keep it. I want to build my new lights speedlight and monolight with Phottix.

As a cheap backup speedlight it is a great option.


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