Vertical banding on D750 images imported to iPhone?

BlakebronstadBlakebronstad Posts: 8Member
edited March 2015 in Nikon DSLR cameras
Hey guys,

I've been using the Nikon WMU iOS WiFi app to import photos directly to my phone. It's great and easy to use, and offers 3 image sizes when exporting to phone via WiFi. I've noticed, however, that after editing some of the pics (most if I try), I get noticeable vertical banding. Increasing color, contrast, shadows, etc., which I know can be typical, but not with this new of a camera, and to this extent. It's way harder to get same results via editing in lightroom when imported via SD card to computer.

Any idea why I'm getting these results when I use the Wireless Mobility App?

D750 FTW!


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