View NX-i issues

trolleytrolley Posts: 159Member
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I've had View NX-I installed on my Windows 8.1 laptop & it's the default image viewer.
But now, every time I open a file - jpeg or NEF - it crashes. Anyone else had any problems?
As far as I know there's been no upgrades or changes to either the machine or software


  • SamkoSamko Posts: 101Member
    Hey, I had the same problem. The reason why was that i had some corrupted files. Every time I opend one of them the software chrashed.
    So what i did was, remember on what file the PC had a issue, delete it. I did that with 50 of my photos, out of 2000 photos, it took me 3 days because every time i hit one of the damaged files my PC froze for about 10 min. So it was a long ass process.
    ( I know something was up with the file because i tried to open it with 4-5 different software )
    Sry for my bad english.
  • trolleytrolley Posts: 159Member
    No problem - the English is fine.
    I uninstalled the program & reinstalled it. So far it's been OK, although a bit slow.
    It wasn't just the D800 NEF images - it wouldn't open jpegs or D200 NEF's
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