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For those of you that are seeking to have the best display to view and edit your images....the HP DreamColor LP2480zx is one I highly recommend you consider. Moreover, B&H is having an amazing sale on the unit for the time being.

For those that have IPS monitors, please give us some of you feedback as well.

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    The thing is we're in that transition period when next-generation 4K IPS wide gamut monitors will soon be available for roughly the same price (sub $1000). So if you're not in a rush to buy, it's probably best to wait in this case.

    I have a NEC professional wide gamut IPS monitor -- which, while fantastic, I wouldn't recommend today only because it's not 4K.
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    4k displays how many megapixels?
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    The best of the best is Eizo. When I buy a photo accurate monitor, it will be this one:

    Eizo ColorEdge CG277 27" Hardware Calibration IPS LCD Monitor or whatever the update is.

    Check it out here:|1/ci/6559/pn/2/N/4042375307/

    It is $2,499, but it is the standard against which all others should be measured.

    Check out the hardware self-calibration tool.

    And to Ade's point, waiting a couple of years (I want a DF and 58mm 1.4G first) will of course see some interesting upgrades.

    And unrelated but interesting, I have actually been to the factory in Kanazawa, Japan. They were a good customer of my son's grandfather. Cool operation.
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    I went the cheap route for now and got an ASUS 24" IPS monitor, this was like 2 years ago (not sure the model number and probably has replaced by now but it was just under $500 when I got it). I enjoy it, way better monitor than anything I had used before but I have not had a chance to play with an Eizo to know the difference in quality. I will probably wait for the 4k roll out on monitors and see whats offered, I might have to upgrade my computer again if I get the D810.
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    4k displays how many megapixels?
    3840 x 2160 (or 4096 x 2160 in some situations)

    I, myself, have been looking at 27" monitors in the 700-800$ segment, and found a handfull of candidates.
    I'm also tempted by waiting for the 4K screens, and I'm sure the consumer models will be here soon at fast dropping prices. Many people will simply look for the "4K" label, and there'll be a battle for the mass market.
    But I'm not so sure the properly color calibrated models will be affordable anytime soon. We'll see.
    ... the HP DreamColor LP2480zx is one I highly recommend you consider. Moreover, B&H is having an amazing sale on the unit for the time being.
    This sounds good, but this offer doesn't exist here in Denmark, and I'm not sure it's feasable to ship it to Denmark (after adding those huge taxes and shipping etc.).
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    I see there's a Dell UP2414Q -- 24" IPS wide-gamut, 100% sRGB, 99% AdobeRGB coverage. Factory color calibrated to a guaranteed < 2 DE and uniformity within 2%. It was launched a few months ago at $1300 but available for $950 now with discounts on

    The reviews are positive:,3781.html

    TrustedReviews reports that their sample calibrated to 0.77 DE which is the best they've seen from any monitor. Tom's measured the gamut coverage at 99.92% AdobeRGB which is also the best gamut they've recorded to date.

    The UP2414Q is still a niche product. I think by this time next year there will a flood of 4K monitors at all price points.
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    the biggest problem with the current "affordable" 4k screens is the refresh rate - instead of using 60hz most of them use 30hz and that slows things down a little bit. so if you are in for an upgrade I would wait another 5-6 months. the same case is with this HP, as it's using display port 1.1 instead of display port 1.2
    as for me, apart from my 27" iMac screen, I'm currently using two dell screens: U2711 - so so... needs at least 10 min to get good colours after start and an old dell 2408wfp - love this one as the colour rendition is really true to adobe rgb.
    anyway. if you are in the market for new monitor and you are on budget I would recommend to get the latest generation of 27" IPS dell - U2713h (note there's the U2713hm on the market and it's a piece of crap).
    for all mac users here. to get the most from the displays, you need to get a proper cable as most of the monitors have a display port instead of mini DP. here's one of such cables:
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    That Dell UP2414Q does 4K at 60Hz, and comes with a mini-DP to DP cable. :)

    But I agree that unless you're in a rush to buy, I would wait since 4K is becoming mainstream fast and more options are coming soon.
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    I see there's a Dell UP2414Q ... available for $950.
    Thanks for the hint. THIS price cut DID happen in Denmark, too, it was actually a bit more radical, it seems. And if you disregard taxes, the price is lower than in the US. Who would have thought .....

    I am so much looking into this guy .... well aware that the future will always bring something better and cheaper.
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    Good that dell decided to supply the cable and add the mini DP conector. That was not an option in both of mine monitors.
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    My monitor would not turn on this morning so I set up a small flat screen vizio 32" I think. This is not good. Spent my money on photography gear a few days ago (money well spent). Well I'm saving already for a monitor. So what's new out there and how much do you think I need to save. :(
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    I know it is an expensive choice, but no one is unhappy with the Dell UP2715K;

    5K UHD IPS monitor
    DisplayPort (incl. MP)
    8,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
    8 ms Response Time
    Billions of colors
    Built-in USB3 Hub
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    Dell looks good But at $2200 not sure I can wait that long to save up. Have not had a chance to look at monitors yet. Wife goes to work tomorrow and I'll have some free time. :D
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    I got this one when I built my computer...not super fancy, but does a good job for me.
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    tcole1983 yes I might go this route. Anything Is better than what I'm using now or at least until I can save enough for a better monitor. What I am using now is so bad I can hardly stand to look at PAD. When you have been using fairly good equipment and have to revert back to something less, you really see the difference.
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