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My daughter will be studying abroad next semester and wants to bring a decent camera with her. For Christmas she asked for a used D5000 for $150 for the body plus $100 for the lens. While I was at the store, the manager talked me into buying the new D3200. After returning home, I have read some reviews that are not that great. She has a great eye for photography and has taken some photo classes and even developed her own film. So I would say she is beyond a beginner. Any suggestions?


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    The D3200 is a much newer and technically more advanced camera, so that would not be an issue. I simply cannot think of one area where the D3200 is worse than the D5000 (which is 4 generations old now).

    Other than having an adjustable screen the D5xxx series and D3xxx series are basically the same camera, so don't feel bad. Unless you step up into the D7xxx series you are simply getting an entry level beginner camera with slightly different software and hardware features - or in simple terms a fixed screen - D3xxx - vs a flippy screen - D5xxx.
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    I would definitely buy a D3300 over a D5000, but would generally recommend a D5500 over a D3300 for a beginner unless the beginner was just a snapshot shooter. There is more to grow into with the D5500.

    About an hour ago I purchased a D5500 for my wife's birthday coming in January. I considered the D3300 but though that for an extra $400, the extra room to grow is worthwhile. I also bought a DX 35mm 1.8 to give her 50mm. She can also use my 50 1.4G or 85 1.4G if she needs a longer focal length. I suppose she can use my 14-24 for the wide end, though that will look a little funny on the D5500. The thing feels like a toy. I don't understand why anybody would complain about it being too heavy. A little long perhaps, but really, the thing is tiny.
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    It is going to be fun to learn the D5500 and teach her to use it. It will be interesting to see how different it feels from my D800.
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    no problems with the D3200 I have one as a spare ..stick a 18-140 on it .grey import if you want to save money and away she goes. A non genuine battgery grip also makes it easier to hold and gives more shooting time.
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    By the time they made the d3200 they narrowed the gap between the d5xxx and d3xxx bodies. The d3000 wasn't a great camera, but by the time the d3200 came around it has the 24 MP sensor similar to the other bodies and has features almost equal. It is still considered the most entry level body Nikon makes, but it can do plenty. I loved my d5000, but it can't compete with the newer bodies and performance wise the d3200 is pretty far ahead.
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    Just to chime in, I don't think you'd be losing out on any significant features by going with the D3200. It's a newer camera, a few generations makes a big difference in cameras.
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    She seems to know her stuff :-) what does she think of the D3200 vs the D5000 ?

    I think you will find that the 2 generations of sensor tech between the D5000 to the D3200 a NICE improvement... further more the processor is also 2 generations different ie. EXPEED vs EXPEED3 .. 12MP vs 24 MP plus 1 stop Higher ISO performance .. Not sure what review you read that made you worry about the D3200 .. I think I remember seeing some issues with High ISO banding in Lightroom ? but That is usually only 0.1% of the photos you normally take.. Most photographers take photos well within the "normal" ISO settings most(99%) of the time.

    between 2009(D5000) to 2012(D3200) there was a huge jump in sensor tech.. which continued to 2014.. where it started to plateau a bit. So I upgraded my D7000(2010) to D7200(2015) many would say I should have just got the D7100(2013) or D5500(2015).

    BTW the D5500 seems to be dropping in price this Xmas and Its really very good value already before the drop. If you can wait for sales it may be worth considering...
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    I personally prefer the ergonomics of the D3200 over the D5000. I think the key question is the obvious, does she NEED the flexibility of the flippy display. If so, and at all possible, find a D5200 refurb. they seem to be around 350USD at the moment.
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