How are the Sports Photographers doing these days ?

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Being an Armchair Sportsman, I watch lots of sports on TV and keep thinking about all those photographers lined up on the sides ( which seem to be getting less in number - maybe I am wrong ) so I decided to start a topic to hear your views.

These guys have the most expensive equipment of all but we are not really that dependent on those sports photographs any more. Lots of TV coverage, PVRs for all the events missed, less and less printed media and sports magazines. World Cup, Olympics - yes, that's a once in 2-4 years thing so I understand there is lots of coverage, but who needs that many photographs any more in any sports event ?

I am also aware the photographs end up in online media mostly but still how many people follow sports on the net when TV coverage is this good and widely available everywhere ? The photographers seem to be mostly after the players themselves - building up stock - as catching a goal or a point in football ( yep, I remember those days ) or tennis is pointless but that again seems like such a redundancy as one can find thousands of images of Roger Federer hitting a forehand or the same F1 car taking the same turn in the same circuit. I just have to assume demand is diminishing.

So how are the Sports Photographers doing these days ?
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    About as well as wedding photographers I guess ...terrible...
    this topic does illustrate the interests of the membership ....this thread 1 comment ...a thread about the non existant D3500 ...666 views and 43 comments.
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    Pistnbroke, I think it would be quite difficult to quantify how many members are or have been professional photographer {Full Time} I would suspect quite a low percent. hence the figures you quoted.
    The industry has changed and depending in which country and where you live in that country the demand and budgets for pro photographers has dramatically changed and in a negative way. Cost of professional equipment is still high especially in the Medium Format level and PP have great difficulty in justify large budgets for equipment, when clients what to pay less for work done.
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