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We all buy items from the internet, and in most circumstances we receive acceptable service. It would be interesting for members to indicate by scoring the service you received with a 1 to 5 scale. Where 5 is is excellent service. and 1 is very poor service. I am never afraid to give praise to companies who give good service but by the same token I am also prepared to name and shame companies who give poor service .
If you have had either good or negative service from doing business on the Internet. Tell us how you would rate their service by scoring them from 1 to 5. This may help other members who intend to buy from the Internet.
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    Since I live in Greenland all my photogear purchases are via web shops. The US ones which I have the absolute best experience with are;

    - - 5
    - - 4
    - - 5

    There are a few in Denmark as well;

    - - 4
    - - 4
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    Good to Know.
    Camera, Lens and Tripod and a few other Bits
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    From a UK perspective .....Small items from HK via e bay no problems but larger items attract 20% duty and items from Japan if faulty (lenses etc) almost impossible to return or get your duty back so I avoid. Companies like NicegoodsUK (invented ) may in fact be in china so check carefully. Always use recorded delivery when selling and keep the receipt for at least 6 months
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    You bring up very valid points Pistnbroke. I used to buy from the USA but now all goods arrive at the central Hub in Coventry and are taxed , not only that, Parcel Force then make a separate charge for delivery to your local dispatch collection point and that figure they charge seems to have no rules, Unless you pay them you don't get your parcel.
    I have used Digital Rev and E- Globel both have Uk offices and what you see price wise is what you pay and very fast delivery with good tracking, in view that most of the goods they supply come from Asia. So a definite 5 for those companies.
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    Camera, Lens and Tripod and a few other Bits
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    I've bought products from both B and H and J and R, when J and R was still in business. For the most part J and R isn't functioning much any more.

    B and H has been very good, last time I purchased from them I bought a phone, but it still applies. It was supposed to come with a physical gift card but I never got it. They emailed me back immediately with a digital code for it.
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    B & H. I used them in the 1970's when they had a real catalog. You had to pick up a telephone (a real telephone) and call them. Or you sent in an order form with a check or money order. Their service is exemplary and they are the ONLY retailer I use. The only drawback is they're closed on every major Jewish holiday - and that's usually when I get excited and want to order something. Dang it.
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    Had great luck with B&H for the little "bits and pieces".

    For the big stuff I use Roberts Camera out of Indianapolis. Jody Grober is my go to guy there. They are easy to work with, can handle NPS priority requests and will go over and above the call of duty.

    When Nikon came out with the new VR 24mm to 70mm F/2.8 they had a lot of trade in legacy 24mm to 70mm F/2.8. I needed an additional 24mm to 70mm F/2.8 and I asked Jody to pick out a nice one for me and make me a deal I couldn't understand much less refuse. The lens he sent me was perfect. Not a mark on it and flawless operation. He got me one of the first new Nikon 800mm lenses. They are open on Saturdays and they really take care of their customers.

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