Dell 8K Monitor

As you may have seen Dell is soon lauching a commercially available 8K monitor (UP3218K). Now, that is interesting for us D800/810 owners, as that will give us the option to show a full res. picture natively (well almost).

I currently sit on my 5K monitor and of course I can see a picture at 1:1, but not the entire picture. With such a monitor I will be able to, right?

So, seeing as I have not even seen any of the Igzo/Sharp 8K monitors on the market today, I am asking if anyone here have? How does it work when you are on an 8K monitor; I assume if I see the picture at 1:1 I will pretty much see all pixels? And, is anyone using an 8K monitor with a Mac Pro?


  • PeachBlackPeachBlack Posts: 141Member
    A couple of questions: 1. what tangible benefit do you get from seeing a D800 photo at 1:1? 2. What will you do when a successor camera increases the number of megapixels? 3. Will you sell me your 5k monitor cheap?
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    The aspect ratios are a bit different.
    The monitor is 16:9 with this resolution:7680×4320
    And the D810 is 3:2 at: 7,360 x 4,912

    So fits in one dimension. At $5k a pop, I'd get at least two...
  • KillerbobKillerbob Posts: 732Member
    I know it's not a perfect solution, but it does annoy me to think I am not seeing the whole picture, but rather a condensed version, unless I "see" only a segment of the picture. I don't know if it has any tangible benefits which is why I ask you good people:)

    My setup is a Mac Pro with 1 Dell 5K monitor, and two Apple TB displays (I also game), and I see a significant difference between the 2K screens and the 5K. For instance, I see a lot more detail and sharpness at 5K, and of course I see a much bigger chunk of picture when I display at 1:1. Hence, if the improvement is as big going to an 8K monitor, I am all in - when the price drops...
  • SnowleopardSnowleopard Posts: 244Member
    I have ordered 4 of them to go with my anti-mac Windows 10 System.
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