Nikon D500 vs. Sony Mirrorless for Video

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The question has arisen as to whether Sony with in-camera stabilization may be better for video than say a D500. This thread will hopefully attract some actual experiences or opinions based on doing research into the topic. Thanks for all input.

If there are other suggestions using Nikon equipment, or other, this is always welcome as well.
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    I just witnessed two idiots trying to video a wedding with "still cameras" Most of the time they were on tripods and therefore totally unable to follow the action ...having much experience of this you will do no good at all unless you can mount the camera on your shoulder and have smooth control of the zoom using a conventional variable speed zoom rocker and run button on your thumb. Your left hand for focus or a fast autofocus. One eye in the viewfinder. This gives three point stabilization ..eye shoulder and right hand become the tripod. Done thousands of hours of video on the shoulder without any stabilization issues before VR was even thought of.
    Proper video lenses dont change focus as you zoom or have focus breathing.
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    I have seen spectacular results from D500 of special events. My grandson, Christjen does these all of the time. He prefers RED for high end videos, Black Magic for low end videos, but sure has done some nice videos with the D500. He usually uses a gimbal, device to reduce camera shake but does some handheld. Not everyone can do this. I have used even the modest D3200 and the tiny 18-55 at a wedding and the video was nothing short of valuable and even the sound was wonderful. There were photo pros at that wedding. Often though tripods are effective for moving subjects. I have wildlife video with the new D7500 and the 200-500 which is perfectly exposed and very smooth.

    Obviously Pistnbroke has done these videos a lot. And has a system that Works! However, I sure would bet that a really good photographer could do such an event with a D500. It may though not be the best, or even, second best choice. There are always going to be idiots who try to video an event who fail. This in fact is the total reason to get dialed in well before the event and know ahead what the video distances, lighting, competing camera gear, or cooperating camera gear is going to get, and a host of other details before the event. Bottom line is it can be done with a D500, and very well. Technically a still camera cannot shoot video. To discount the video capability of a D500 or a D7500 is questionable. Recently I saw an event covered by a photog with a video camera, and the video of a Nikon DSLR camera, and a video and stills shot from a quadcopter. All three produced usable video. The combination of all,three was the best final result, I myself thought the video camera results were the weakest of the three. My reaction is it sure depends on the person doing the shooting.

    Finally another note, the event covered though had to be edited by my grandson since he was the ONLY person capable of that edit, and certainly the only one who could have done it fast.
    That clearly means the best produce the best results. Anyone really into this topic knows editing, rendering, etc., are hard won talents. There will always be novices and faltering individuals using pretty poor set ups. I should add, we do more Sony video camera editing than anyone I personally know, and conclude D500 and the Sony video cams have good stabilization. But what MsMoto is asking about are the Sony mirrorless cameras. Our strong reaction is we have yet to see one of these cameras in serious use in the field. They are not being used as much as some think they are. There is a LOT of Sony mirrorless HYPE, it doesn't seem to bear out in places like the National and international races we are at.
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    Dunno much about D500 vs sony for video but this is an example of a D500 video that I enjoyed.

    Moments of Light - D610 D7K S5pro 70-200f4 18-200 150f2.8 12-24 18-70 35-70f2.8 : C&C very welcome!
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    Personally I put the still camera I am using for video on a short monopod and hook the adjusting knob into my belt ..the camera is in front of my face and I hold the monopod with my right hand and zoom with the left ..a remote stop start on the monopod works well ...also have the taskam mixer under the camera and a small ball head at the top to align it all.Remember your eyes do no zoom ...cut reframe and continue ....
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    I have had fantastic luck with the D7500 and video, using the Nikkor 16-80 and the Nikkor 200-500! It is easier to,use for video than the D7200 and right there with the D500! The D7500 is definetly more user friendly!
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